When we talk about casinos we talk about games, but we must not forget that these games are played for real and more important there is money involved, real money.

The seriousness of the game is known by players and even by the dealers. The dealers are a very important part of any top online casino. but very few players know much about the work of a dealer. A dealer is the person with whom the player plays the game, the person that organizes the game, conducts the game following the rules and regulations of the a casinos and also presents these rules to the players and is making sure that the player respects them.

Dealers are those persons that have a close contact with the players, they know the old players, the “whales" and they are educated and experienced to be able to read a new player. The contact that they have with the players is, a direct contact, this is why they influence very much the life of the casino in which they work. But these direct contacts can also have a negative aspects.

Dealers are those who have to deal with the angry players, with the ugly words of those who lose, because they do not understand that a dealer cannot influence the course of the game. Dealers are those who can offer information to the casino managers about the real players, players with the gambling in their blood, players that play the casino games for the sake of it, for the risks, adrenalin, thrill, for the moment when they place their bets, when they wait for the result. Those people play blackjack for the moment when the card is turned around and roulette for the moment when the ball stops.

Dealers know that they are angry not about the money they lost, but about the fact that they lost. But dealers also know that casino games were invented to help players with chances to...lose and no matter if a player wins two, three or even four nights in a row, finally he will lose the money, because dealers know best that “the house always wins". Dealers have a special language and specific gestures used during the games, to guide the game and the players.

In a big casino, which has a great financial power, where is important how much the casino wins or looses, dealers are key-employees. A good dealer is not that person who is loved by the players, but that who is not, because that means that he wins, so he is good and he wins money for the casino.