Slots, its History and How To Play The Game

The person who created and started the slot machine was Charles Fay. He called his first slot machine Liberty Bell. Fay created this marvelous machine right from his workshop located in San Francisco way back in 1887. The size was smaller in contrast with the present slot machines of today. The Liberty Bell consisted of 20 symbols with 3 reels and its operation was the same as that of the present slot machines. In just a matter of time, his creation became a phenomena and he started to work on more in order to beat the demands of the people who wanted to have a slot machine.

In order to capitalize his success, Fay thought of a good idea of renting out his machines to different gambling establishments. The agreement was to have 50-50 sharing. He strongly refused to resell distribution and manufacturing rights of his machines towards gambling manufacturers.

The main objective of playing slots is to spin and get a winning combination consists of symbols. As of the present, there are at least two different types of slot machines.

  1. Straight Slots

With straight slots, there is a specific and fixed amount of money at stake. When a person wins that amount, that same amount will be set as the prize of winningfor the next player. For instance, if the jackpot prize is $10,000; it will remain to be $10,000 until such time a person wins it. It does not matter how many coins is being deposited to the slot.

  1. Progressive Slots

As for progressive slots, the jackpot is determined by the number of coins being put inside the machine. So meaning, the jackpot will increase until such time a player wins.

Whether a player is playing progressive or straight slots, there is a need for the player to deposit a coin or coins right into the slot and then choose how many coins he or she will bet per spin. Then, the player will pull the arm located at the side of the slot machine or just press the spin button. After which, the player will wait for a few seconds until the reels stop spinning. Then, the outcome will be revealed either a win or a loss. If the player is winning or losing, the money deposited inside the machine may be cashed out, or the player can choose to continue playing.

Here are few facts about slot machines:

  1. It is quite an easy game to play. It requires no extra knowledge in order to understand the ways and means of playing the game.
  2. There is an absence of interacting with other players.
  3. There is no chance that someone or a dealer might cheat.
  4. There is limit on time to the next move. This game is played in accordance with the player’s own pace.
  5. It is played using real money and not chips.
  6. When it comes to payout, it is instant.

It is for the above-mentioned reason that playing slot machines has gotten good reviews over the years from people who play at the casino and those who play online slots.